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How to Invite Users to Sift
How to Invite Users to Sift

Let everyone at your company know you have started using Sift and send them an email with a link for them to get started!

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Inviting your entire organization to join you on Sift might seem like a daunting task at first. No need to worry, though. We've got you covered! 

Invites are emails that Sift sends to your new users which introduce them to the platform. They are also required to be sent if you are using username and password login, as they allow your users to set a password for the first time. If you are leveraging Single Sign On and doing your own internal communication, invites may not be necessary.

Step 1: Log into your admin dashboard

Step 2: Navigate to "All Users" on the left side panel

Using the menu panel on the far left of your screen, click on All Users. Here, you can see useful metrics, such as total users, active users, pending invitations, expired invites, and users that have not been invited. To look further into any of these, click on them and the list of users below will change accordingly.

Step 3: Don't Forget to Review Your Invite Settings

Click on the INVITE SETTINGS located directly above your metrics numbers towards the left of the screen. Here, you can choose if you would like Sift to automatically send invites to new users that are synced into your instance and you can choose how frequently invited users are sent reminder emails. 

Step 4: Send Invitations 

To continue sending invitations, return back to the USERS tab. From here, you can choose to invite all users who are not yet invited by clicking the blue INVITE ALL button under the number furthest to the right, or you can invite users individually from any of the other 4 list views. 

Sending invites is synonymous with sending users an email with a link to access their Sift login.

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