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Customize your profile pages to highlight what's important

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Profile pages in Sift are fully customizable and allow you to lay out your attributes on the page in any way you see fit.

Getting started

Step 2: Go to the Person Profiles Section, then click the "Layout" tab

Adding an attribute to the profile page

When adding an attribute to the profile page, you may choose to add it to a category, or directly onto the root level of the profile page. Categories group attributes into sections of related information (Such as contact info, phone numbers, locations, or organization levels). This grouping will put all of these attributes in the same container and will allow them to be edited together.

Option 1: Add an attribute to a category 

To add an attribute to a category, click the Add Attributes button on the top right of the category. For the categories already provided by Sift by default, they are restricted in which type of attributes they may contain (Ex: The Phone Numbers category may only contain phone numbers).  

Option 2: Add an attribute to the root level of the page 

You may also add an attribute directly to the root level of the page. This will make the attribute look more featured, and we recommend this for things like text collections (Ex: Interests, Systems I Support), or larger attributes like Education. To do so, click the Add Section button on the top right, then choose the Attribute option.

Adding a category to the profile page

You may also create your own custom category and add attributes inside of it. To do so, click the Add Section button on the top right, then choose the Category option, and give the category a name.

You're done!

Head over to Sift and take a look at one of your profile pages. Your changes should be reflected immediately.

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