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Having completed profiles is essential for making the most out of your Sift experience. Many of your attributes will come from your organization’s data sources, but some will also need to be completed by your users in Sift. For those attributes that you find essential, we recommend that you enable profile completion notifications, which will consistently remind your users to complete their profiles through in-app and email notifications.


Let’s set up profile completion notifications.

Step 2: Go to the "Person Profiles" section, then click the "Profile Completion" tab

Step 3: Add attributes to your priority list

To set up the attributes that you’d like to remind your users to complete, click on the Priority List tab at the top. If you’re setting reminders up for the first time, you may also click the “Set Priority” button as shown in the image below.


Then, click the Add Attribute button in the top right corner and choose one or more attributes

Step 4: Configure your attributes

After selecting the attributes you’d like to remind users to complete. You may configure (for most attributes) whether or not you’d like the user to be able to opt out. If you select Yes for this option, the user will be allowed to opt out of completing the attribute and prevent future notifications. If you select No, they will continue to be reminded until the attribute is completed.

You may also use the controls on the right side of the list to reorder the attribute priority (the order the user will be asked to complete them), or remove the attribute from the list.

Step 5: Turn on notifications!

Once you’ve finished configuring your priority list, you are ready to turn on notifications. Click the Settings tab on the top, then switch the Notification Status to On. 

That’s It!

Your users will now receive notifications to complete their profiles. You may come back and modify your attribute list or disable notifications at any time.

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