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Get a consolidated list of all of your team members
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The Team Members section was made to give you a high level overview of each team member in your organization. It also provides a simple profile view that shows all of the person’s attributes. If you’re looking to view users by login status, or send them invites, check out the User Invites section instead.


Exploring your team members list.

Step 2: Go to the Team Members section

Note: This section may be named differently based on your terminology settings.

In the Admin Dashboard, click Team Members on the left side navigation.  

Step 3: Search for a person to view

You may search for any team member in this section by name. In the example below, we’ve searched for Ashley Weatherburn, one of the people on our demo website.


Step 4: Perform actions

Click on the menu icon on the right side of the table row to send an invite or a password reset email to the user, or click on the row itself to view a simple profile for the person, as shown below.

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