Want to change your logo, colors, or photos on Sift?
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You can customize the appearance of your Sift apps to match your company's brand by using your company's colors and logo. You can also set default profile and header photos for your employees. This will give your Sift apps a personalized touch that reflects your company's identity.

Here’s how to get started:

Step 2. Navigate to the Theming section by selecting General Settings from the Menu

Email Theming

Turn this setting on if you would like Sift email communication to be themed with your logo and colors. This will only apply to invite and emails sent after a user has logged in.

Adding Custom Colors

You can add as many as 3 custom colors! Simply click on the box or type in a HEX code to add your colors. 

A Note on Color Accessibility

Choosing accessible colors is important when setting up a theme for your organization in Sift, because it helps to ensure that the tool is usable and accessible to all users.

Accessible colors are those that are easy to read and distinguish, particularly for users with visual impairments. When choosing a theme, it is important to consider the needs of all users and select colors that are easy to read and distinguish. This will help to ensure that the tool is accessible and user-friendly for everyone.

Adding Logo

You can add your company logo to take the place of the Sift logo in the top left of the screen. We recommend using photos that are about 256 pixels and will show well against your Primary color you have selected.

Profile Header Image and Profile Picture Image

If you want to set a default for the header and profile photos, you can do so here. Recommended size of the header image is 2100x900 pixels. Recommended dimensions of the profile photo are 1:1 or a square image.

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