We promise. We have tried to make Sift as simple as possible. But we also understand that questions may arise. This is why you have Sift support. 

Step 1. Navigate to Sift Support
There are two ways you can get to Sift Support.
The first way is by clicking on Get Support on the bottom of your screen. 

The second way to get to Sift Support is by clicking on the downward-pointing arrow on the right corner of your screen and selecting Support. 

Step 2. Fill out a support form
Regardless which way you get to the navigate to Sift Support, the same form will popup. Fill this form out as fully and with as many details as possible - pictures are super helpful!

Step 3. Wait for a response
These questions route to an employee at your company who is well versed in Sift and should be able to answer any question you might have. If they can't though, they know how to get ahold of us at Sift and we can help with the questions as well! 

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