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This is a guide to a Sift users' profile

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Each company has the ability to chose which attributes show on their employee profiles and the order in which these attributes show. Most companies though will choose similar attributes, this will outline some of these. 

At the top of every profile, you will see an employees profile and header photos. These are a quick way to put a face to a name. 

Usually, the section right below the header shows basic contact info such as email and phone number(s). 

Following that is some sort of bio or professional summary. This is a good place for you to describe what it is you do each and every day. 

The next section might be location. This is helpful if someone needs to know what city or state you are located in, or maybe even more specifically which office building. 

Skills and Interests are often listed next. It is super easy to add custom ones or type a letter or two and a list will appear!

Education is a space for you to show some school pride or brag a bit about all that information in your head. 

It is fun to add past work experience too. We encourage you to not only add companies you have worked at previously, but also previous roles you have had at your current company. 

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