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What is that big bar on the main page of Sift? How does it work?

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One of the most popular and frequently used features of Sift is the Big Search function. This feature allows users to easily locate individuals or information they are searching for. It is a natural starting point for many people using Sift, as it enables them to quickly find what they are looking for.

How does it work? 

As you begin typing into the search bar, you will see your results begin to appear. You can either click right from here or press the Enter Key on your keyboard or click the blue Search box. 

But, how does Sift actually Search?

When you type something into the search bar, we will attempt to match your search term with the profiles of each person in your organization. We’ll match against their job title, skills, department name, and anything else their profile contains. 

You may notice that in some cases, Big Search will provide you with some suggestions of things that we think you may be searching for. For example, if you type something like “marketing”, Sift may suggest a few different searches, one may be for “People who are skilled in marketing” and another for “People in the Marketing department”. If you’re looking for one of these specific searches, click on it below! If you’re looking for people who have “marketing” anywhere on their profile, just press the Enter Key on your keyboard. 

The last thing you may see in your big search when typing is simply a list of people. When Sift finds a low enough number of people based on your search, we’ll simply show you the results right away so you can access profiles quickly.

Advanced Search

If you are looking for an even more specific set of search results, you may want to consider using our Advanced Search feature. Advanced Search allows you to search by specific attributes such as department, city, or even a range of dates in which an employee started at your organization. To navigate to Advanced Search, simply click on the box within the Big Search bar that says "ADVANCED SEARCH". 

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