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Org Chart

Want to know how to better use and navigate the Org Chart feature of Sift?

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Sift's Org Chart is helpful in many ways. It allows you to see a bird's-eye-view of your entire organization, and to see how you fit within it!

Getting there

To get to the Org Chart, you can either click on Org Chart at the top of your main Sift screen, or when on someone's Sift profile, click on the Org Chart button towards the top.

Navigating the Org Chart

When you first arrive to the Org Chart it will be centered on one of two things; your position, or if you navigated to the Org Chart from someone else's profile, their position.
You can click and drag around on the org chart, or by using the mini map located in the bottom right of the screen.ย 

Up towards the top of the screen, you will notice there are a handful of options:

From left to right:

  • Add/Edit - Make edits or changes to yourself or individuals through the options in this menu

  • Search - Search for a person in your organization to bring you right to their position in the org chart.

  • Highlight By** - Color-code your org chart by an attribute such as department, office location, remote work status, or anything else.

  • Card Content - Customize which attributes appear on your org chart cards to see a more condensed or expanded view.

  • Simple/Advanced View - Switch to simple view to see a more condensed version of the org chart with only one level. Use advanced view for a more wholistic zoomable and pannable version with all features available.

  • Full Screen - Click this icon to be taken to a full-screen view of the org chart

  • Print - Generate a printable single-page view of the area you're currently viewing

  • Export - Export the full canvas of your org chart in various formats. Image formats for presentations, PDF for general sharing and printing, or SVG for editing.

  • More (...) - Change your org chart's orientation, share a link, or view this article!

** - The "Highlight By" feature must be enabled and configured by a Sift administrator before it appears.

Card Options

Click the three dot icon on the bottom right of an org chart card to see further view options

  • Expand All Reports - Expand all direct and indirect reports underneath a leader immediately, without needing to manually expand multiple levels.

  • Start From Here - Make the current card the top of the visible org chart to isolate certain areas of your organization. Useful for viewing or exporting an org chart of a specific department or team!

  • Exclude This Person - Hide this card from your view if you're wanting to cater an export to a specific use case.

  • Search For All Reports - Want to get a broader view of everyone who reports to a senior level leader? Use this option to perform a Sift search, which will allow you to further filter the result and find who you're looking for.

  • Edit Dotted Line Relationship - Need to add a dotted line relationship or make changes to an existing one? Use this option to view, add or edit your dotted line relationship or someone else's.

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