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The Administrators section allows you to manage users who have access to the admin dashboard. Anyone with access to the admin dashboard will have permission to manage anything within it, so be careful who you give access to! 

Here are some ways to manage users:


Administrator - Has access to all features of the admin dashboard and some additional permissions inside of the Sift People Directory to manage profiles.

Owner - In addition to the above access, owners have some special protections against data deletion and misconfiguration. This is to ensure that you never reach a state where nobody at your company has access to Sift.

Because of security reasons, you should carefully select your owners and should actively manage them within Sift, rather than relying on your company's integrations.

Specifically, owners are different in the following ways:

  • If an owner is associated to a record that was synced in via a Directory, and is attempted to be deleted inside of that directory (e.g. is deleted from your company's data source), we will NOT revoke that person's access to Sift, but instead only remove their profile. Other owners will be notified of this deletion attempt, and will need to take manual action to remove this person's access via the Administrators page.

  • If an owner is associated to a record that was synced in via a Directory, and that directory has only Single Sign On authentication enabled, the owner will additionally be able to use a password set explicitly on Sift to sign in. This way, if your SSO method is ever misconfigured or broken, an owner will still be able to access Sift.


Granting Admin Access

Step 2: Go to the Administrators section

In the Admin Dashboard, click Administrators on the left side navigation.  

Step 3: Click on the Add Administrator button

Make an existing user an administrator

Use the search to find existing user(s) to add as administrators, and click the "Make Admin" button when finished.

Granting Owner Access

When you grant owner access to a user, they will be sent a notification and be required to set a password. Learn more about the Owner role above. Note: You must be an Owner to manage other owners.

Option 1: Promote an existing administrator

For one of your existing administrators, click the menu icon on the right side and click the "Promote to Owner" option.

Option 2: Create and invite an owner by email

If your integrations have not yet been set up, and the person you'd like to add is not already in Sift via a Directory, you may invite them by email instead. Click the Invite Owner By Email button, then fill out the below form. The person will receive an email invite to set a password, and will be given access to Sift.

Managing your administrators

When viewing your list of administrators, click the "..." on the right of each row to

  • Promote an existing Administrator to an Owner

  • Demote an existing Administrator or Owner to a lower role

  • Delete an existing owner who is not associated to a Directory

  • Send an invite or password reset email

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