Learn how to synchronize Sift users and groups with your existing GSuite domain.


Set up an automated integration to frequently synchronize Sift profiles directly from GSuite. Sift GSuite Sync is a one-way operation. No information from Sift is imported into your user directory.


Prerequisites necessary for GSuite synchronization are as follows:

  • You must be an administrator of your GSuite domain. If you are not an administrator, you may be able to go through Google's authorization flow, but your sync may then error.

  • Administrator access to the Sift Admin Dashboard

  • Having created a directory in the Sift Admin Dashboard (Details on how to setup a directory can be found in this guide).

Authorizing GSuite

After having selected GSuite as a source type from the Sift Directory Sources Page you will need to click the Authorize button to grant Sift access to read information from your GSuite domain.

Clicking the Authorize button will take you to the to a Google authorization page. Sign in with your GSuite administrator account.

Sift does not see or store your GSuite administration credentials.

Once you’ve signed in, you must click Allow to grant Sift the read rights needed to import your users from your GSuite domain.

Authorizing the GSuite application redirects you to the GSuite settings tab on the Source Settings page in the Sift Admin Dashboard. Verify that the Authorization status is Authorized

Syncing Photos

If you would like to import photos from your GSuite domain, navigate to the Source Settings Tab and turn the Photo Sync setting to the “On” position.

Mapping Attributes

You can map user attributes from your GSuite domain to import into Sift via the Mappings tab on the Source Settings page. Details on mapping attributes can be found in this guide, with the same process being used for all source types.

Enable Sync

In the Source Settings Page, flip the Enable Sync switch in the top right of the page to sync profiles from your GSuite Domain to your Sift instance.

Once enabled, Sift will sync with your GSuite domain once every 60 minutes. If you would like to trigger a sync manually, click the Initialize Sync button

Disabling Sync

If you choose to disable your GSuite sync, or if your sync loses authorization, your user data will remain as a reflection of the most recent successful sync with your GSuite domain. User data will not be deleted nor will any source settings be lost.

When you reactivate sync, or reauthorize your GSuite instance, sync will resume and any changes since the last sync will be reflected.

Debugging Failed Syncs

If your data sync is consistently in the failed state, trying one or more of the following may resolve your issue:

Reauthorize your source with a current GSuite admin

If the person who originally authorized your GSuite source is no longer with your organization, or is no longer a GSuite admin, your authorization will fail on the next sync. To fix this issue, have someone in your organization who is currently a GSuite admin go through the authorization flow by clicking the "Reauthorize" button.

Check Required Data Mappings

If Sift finds users from your data source that do not have all of our required mappings (primary key, first name, last name, and email), they will be ignored. If no users are found that have all of these attributes, then the sync will fail. Ensure that all users you want to be synced into Sift have a value for all of these mappings.

Contact Us

If reauthorizing your source does not fix the issue, you can contact us using the Chat button in the admin dashboard, and we can help you debug the issue

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