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After navigating to the admin dashboard, head to the API Access section in the navigation menu to manage applications with access to your people data through the Sift API.

You can read more about using the Sift API in our API Documentation.

Creating an Application

To create an application, click the New Application button in the upper right hand corner.

You will be taken to a form that will ask for some details about the application that will be accessing the API:

Access Level - You may grant this application full access to all people data, or only to photos. Our photo API is useful for having a consistent direct link for both custom and official photos.

Name - A descriptive name for the application

Description - A description that further details what the application is for

Owners - Associate people from your directory that should be primary contacts for this application

Whitelisted IP Addresses (optional) - Provide a list of IP addresses that should have access to the API using this application's generated tokens. Use this option if you would like to restrict use to a certain device or network.

After clicking the the Create Application button at the bottom of the form, your Credentials will have been generated. You should send these credentials to the owners of the application and also point them towards our Documentation for instructions on use.

Regenerating Tokens

If for any reason you would like to revoke the existing tokens for this application and generate new ones, you may do so by clicking the refresh icon next to the token.

Updating or Disabling an Application

If you would like to update an application, click on the application's row in the list.

After doing so, you may update any of the previously set properties. You may also disable the application, which will immediately revoke access to it, by clicking the Disable Application button.

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