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Integrate Sift with ADP through our SFTP file drop

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One of the easiest ways to get your ADP data into Sift is by using ADP's SFTP export capability. To do this, you will first need to request SFTP Export from the ADP Reporting module, which will allow ADP to export files to Sift directly on an automated basis. You will only need to go through this setup process once. There is a small one-time fee from ADP (around $200-$300). Once the server is set up, you can pull any number of reports with no additional fee.

To pull reports, you build them in ADP, specify that they be sent via SFTP, and finally pull them into Sift using the CSV Source Type with SFTP connectors.

Work with your ADP representative to request SFTP Export from the ADP Reporting module.

Your ADP representative will send you a Statement of Work (SOW) to fill out. The following PDF shows an example of this:

In Sift, you’ll need to set up a CSV Source type with SFTP to accept the incoming data, then provide your ADP representative with the details of Sift's SFTP server in the SOW. You may also be asked to provide your private key file for ADP to authenticate to Sift's SFTP server.

When requested, send ADP a report to use in testing the setup. (Any ADP report should work.)

ADP will then send a test and ask you to confirm receipt. Sift will check the receipt and give you confirmation of delivery.

Note, you can use PGP encryption with the Sift SFTP Process. If you are interested in this process please contact us for setup.

Once you confirm receipt, the server is live and you can begin using it to pull reports into Sift.

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