Sift is a tool that enhances the functionality of Microsoft Teams by allowing users to import external data and use it to enrich employee profiles, create a comprehensive employee directory search, and generate a dynamic organizational chart within Teams. It acts as a phonebook for Teams, providing access to important contact information.

Note: A Sift account is required to use Sift in Microsoft Teams! Click here to learn more about getting Sift for your organization.

Perform a search from the command bar

Type @Sift in the input box at the top of Microsoft Teams to perform a search

If there are many results, you will see some suggested Filters, similar to our Big Search experience. Click on any of the results to be given a link to the full search result.

Share Search Results in a Message

Similarly, you can type @Sift into the message compose area to find a profile or search result in the same way, a card will then be generated that you can optionally share in a message.

Quickly find the profile of someone you're messaging

Click the context menu on a message you've received to quickly find the sender's Sift profile

Use the tabbed interface to utilize all of Sift

You can use the full functionality of Sift right inside of Teams by clicking on the Sift app's icon, then using the tabs at the top of the window. Links from the search extension described above will also link into these tabs.

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