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UKG Sync Setup

Bring data from UKG directly into Sift

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Learn how to set up an integration with UKG to provide Sift with accurate and up to date employee information.


Import Sift users and profile attribute information directly from UKG with our direct integration to the UKG Pro API.

Note: There is currently no way to create a UKG source in a self-service way in the Sift admin dashboard, you'll need to contact our support team for part of this setup.

Sift's UKG Sync is a one-way operation. No information from Sift is imported into UKG.


Prerequisites necessary for UKG synchronization are as follows:

  • An administrative UKG account with sufficient permissions to create Service Accounts

  • A created Sift instance, and a user account with Administrator access to the Admin Dashboard

Step 1: Creating a Service Account in UKG

The first step to getting set up is to create a Service Account in your UKG dashboard. You can do this by going to the "Service Account Administration" area and performing the following steps:

  1. Click the "Add" button at the top right of the screen

  2. On the following screen, choose a username (something like "Sift") and an email address (this could be "")

  3. Choose the following permissions:

    1. "View" under "Employee Export" (For retrieving your employee list)

    2. "View" under "Company Configuration Integration" (For expanding your jobs, locations, and org levels)

    3. "View" under "Personnel Integration" (For user defined fields)

  4. Click the "Save" button at the top right of the screen

  5. Copy the generated Password, and paste it somewhere where you can reference it later

  6. Once back on your list of service accounts, copy the User Name of the created service account and the Customer API Key near the top of the screen and paste it somewhere where you can reference it later

Step 2: Sending Service Account Information to Sift

Gather your User Name, Password, and Customer API Key, and send them in an email to using the same email address you use to sign into your Sift Admin Dashboard.

Our support team will work to set up your UKG integration, and let you know when it is complete. This should take no more than 48 hours

By default, Sift will map the following information from UKG into our platform. If there are any of these attributes you do not wish to be mapped, let us know in this email. You may also remove or add these mappings back via our admin dashboard at any time after the integration is set up:

  • Employee Number (Unique Identifier)

  • First Name (Required)

  • Last Name (Required)

  • Email Address (Required)

  • Company Name

  • Hire Date (Date of Last Hire)

  • Work Phone

  • Work Extension

  • Job Title

  • Org Level Names for Org Levels 1 and 2 in UKG (Usually a department, team, etc)

  • Work State

  • Work City

  • Work Address

  • Work Location Description (Usually the name of an office)

Step 3: Monitoring the Integration

Once the integration has been set up and verified by our support team, you may monitor the integration in Sift's admin dashboard, as well as manage sync activity.

  1. Go to the Sift Admin Dashboard, click "Directories", then choose the directory of type "ukg"

2. Click on your Primary Source

3. From here you can:

  • Add, remove, or change any mappings from UKG to Sift. This will impact which data we collect and display on profiles.

  • Enable or Disable your sync using the switch at the top right. If your sync is enabled, it will run once per hour. Due to UKG's API, new data will only be given to Sift at most once every 3 hours.

  • Initialize a sync manually by clicking the "Initialize Sync" button to run a sync outside of the normal schedule.

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