You can update the settings in Sift to customize it for your organization. This means that you can configure Sift to meet the specific needs and preferences of your company, making it more efficient and effective for your team

Step 1: Go to your Admin Dashboard

Step 2: Go to General Settings

Using the menu panel on the far left of your screen, click on General Settings. Here, you can update settings that will customize Sift for your organization.


Basic Information

  • Company Name - This is the name of your organization that will appear various places in Sift and through email communication.

  • Time Zone - Set a company wide timezone.

  • Logo - Upload a company logo that Sift will use to represent your organization in features like the org chart. Note: To change logos and colors across the entire Sift interface, use our Theming page

Organization Levels

Tell us which attributes represent the organization levels in your organization. This will impact the header section on the profile, org chart cards, and a couple of other things. These should generally be put in descending size order if possible. For example, if your organization has Departments, Teams, and Sub-Teams, the attributes should be ordered from Department (largest) to Sub-Team (smallest).

Person Terminology

If you have a special term that your employees go by, this is where you can make that customization. For example, at Google, they may choose to call their Team Members "Googlers", or you might want to call your Team Members "Employees". Editing the Team Leader terminology requires a bit more effort. Follow the steps yourself and check out our attributes help page if you have any questions. This customization will appear all across Sift.



To help your company keep all questions regarding Sift going to one stream-lined place, Sift has created Sift Support. This feature allows you to route all end-user questions to one (or more) email addresses. Follow the steps below to learn how to get this set up!

To turn on support, flip the switch to On and be sure you add an email address in the support recipients line. This email address will be receiving all contact from end-users. It is a good idea to add the email address that supports other IT requests at your company.

Be sure you click SAVE in the bottom right when you are done!

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