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Are you a Sift user looking for a quick hit of all the Sift features? You've come to the right place!

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Hopefully your first view of the Sift main screen isn't too daunting. But if it is, we've created this article to show you around a bit! Let's walk through everything you see at first glance. Click on the links to learn more specifics about each feature. 

Appropriately named, right? The large search bar towards the top of your screen is often where people's eyes first land. You will find that as you start typing in this search bar, results will begin appearing. After you do a few searches, a list of your search history will appear below the bar just to the left of your team members. 

My Team

Here, you will see a list of your team members including your leaders and those on the same level of the org chart as you. 


Perhaps now, your eyes have traveled up to the top right corner of the page. Directory is where you should go to see a list of all the employees at your entire organization. This may seem like a lot. But don't worry, you can apply filters to narrow down the list a bit. 

Right next to Directory up at the top there is a button that clicks explore. Click it and you will land on a page that breaks down your organization into a whole bunch of different categories. These categories are made up of the same attributes you can find on any person's Sift profile. Click into one to see a breakdown of the category. 

The next option you have at the top of your screen is Lists. You lists page will probably seem pretty bleak right off the bat. Don't worry though, you can fill this up very quickly and this might even end up being one of your favorite Sift features! 

This is, arguably, one of the most fun features of Sift. Once you open the org chart feature, you will be centered on your own position with in your company's org chart. However by zooming out and moving around you will be able to get a bird's eye view of your entire org. 


This feature will allow you to stay up-to date on all things Sift. Profile not complete? Here you will be able to see what is left to do to get that profile all the way to 100%. 

See your name? Clicking here will take you to your own Sift profile. Any time you need to make edits to your profile, this is where you will go. 

More Features

Right next to your name is a little downward-pointing arrow. Click on this to expand a menu that includes another link to your profile, your settings, information to download the mobile app, a link to contact your support team, and the logout button. 

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