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February 11, 2021

New and Improved Org Chart Functionality

We have made some updates to allow further customization of your org chart view.

Simply click the "More" button on a card to:

  • Expand all reports of a person (i.e. everyone "below" them on the org chart)
  • Start from any leader in the organization to view a subtree of a department or team
  • Exclude certain cards for a customized view
  • Perform a Sift search for all reports of a person, allowing you to further filter and discover people underneath a certain leader

Product Feedback Platform

We now have a place for you to give us feedback on all of our released features, as well as give us ideas of your own! Find the "Requests and Feedback" option in Sift's navigation bar dropdown menu to be taken to our Feedback Board

Upvote ideas that you would also like to see in Sift to let us know what people want most.

December 29, 2020

Org Chart Highlighting

Color code your org chart by department, location, remote work status, or anything else! This allows users to more easily identify different areas in their organization and visually compare different areas.

Note for Sift Administrators:

This feature is not enabled by default. You will need to configure the attributes that may be grouped by on the Settings Page.

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