The Sift Admin Dashboard is your one-stop-shop to all implementation and customization of your organization's Sift instance. Here, you are able to do just about anything you can think of when it comes to getting Sift up, running, and working for your organization. 

To get started, you may be asking "How do I access my Admin Dashboard?". 

Accessing your Admin Dashboard.

Once logged into your Sift account as an admin, click the arrow at the top right next to your name (if you don't see it, expand your browser) then click on Admin to access your Admin Dashboard.

Admin Dashboard Features
Along the left-hand side of your Admin Dashboard, you will see a quick inventory of everything you have access to. This list includes settings for both your people and your platform.


  • Team Members: This section allows you to view a list of all of your people. You can initiate password management actions and view a simple profile for each of them.

  • Attributes: This section allows you to add new attributes to be synced from your systems to or added to your profile pages.

  • User Invites: This is where you go to invite your users to Sift for the first time (or second, or third, or well you get the idea).

  • Profile Completion: This section allows you to set up profile completion reminders and view statistics related to profile completion.

  • Profile Layout: This section allows to to add attributes to your profile pages and customize their layout.

  • Directories: This is where you go to get your people data into Sift through syncing with your organization's systems.


  • Administrators: This is where you can manage your administrators, who are the people who have access to this dashboard.

  • API Access: Give access to the Sift API to your organization's internal applications

  • Theming: This is where you can make Sift feel a little more custom. You can add your company's logo and colors here. 

  • Custom Widget: Do you want to add Sift to your intranet? Here you can find the custom code to imbed a Sift search bar. 

  • General Settings: this is where you can edit your Company Name, Timezone, Support email, and more!

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