The second step in a Sift rollout - making sure everything looks how you want it to look

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These steps can be completed in any order however we recommend that all are completed before you continue to Onboarding. 

Sift is highly customizable. We want it to fit in seamlessly with the rest of your collaboration tool stack. 


With this in mind, we allow you to add custom Theming to your company’s Sift. You can change your colors and even add your company’s logo! Here is an article that will guide you through setting up custom Theming.


Another way you can customize your organization’s Sift is by changing the Attributes that appear on your employee’s profiles. You can add custom Attributes and also choose which order the Attributes appear on a profile. This article explains how to create new Attributes and this article explains how to change the Profile Layout.

Sift Support

Along with all this customization, it is important to have a person or a team at your organization that is well equipped to answer questions that users might have about their Sift profiles or any other features on the tool. Users will be able to submit questions to Sift Support but, who will be answering their questions? This article describes how to assign someone to answer support questions.

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